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Serving as Mayor of Whistler has been the greatest privilege of Jacks life. Though it’s been a challenging four years, it’s been extremely rewarding to have worked with an extremely strong council and such impressive municipal staff. If you want to share your thoughts or hear his, text Jack on 1-604-388-9588

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Entrepreneur and Councillor Jack Crompton to run for Mayor of Whistler



WHISTLER, BC September 1, 2022 – With municipal elections just around the corner, Jack Crompton has announced his bid for reelection. He is proud of Whistler’s response to recent events. “We all rose to incredible challenges,” Crompton said. “To meet the many challenges ahead, we require that same kind of ‘all hands’ community wide response. I am committed to acting with the kind of optimism that has made Whistler all that it is. There are big things ahead and we will take bold action in response.”

Over the last four years and through the pandemic, worker housing, strengthening relationships with the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations, and climate action have been the focus. Today Jack vowed to further accelerate that work. He emphasized a commitment to ensure Whistler workers are the number one priority for their local government. “We can’t afford to stand still. I am laser focused on ensuring our community thrives, this nature is protected and our guests are inspired. We must pull out all the stops so Whistler remains a place Whistler workers can call home.”

Bold Action on Housing | At the beginning of the last term Crompton and Council brought back the Whistler Development Corporation and directed it to start work on the second phase of Cheakamus Crossing. Delivering the outcomes of the Mayor’s Task Force on Resident Housing and opening Cheakamus Crossing Phase II are a firm foundation on which to build, but Mayor Crompton is convinced it’s not enough. Jack said “We have done the tough work of putting organizational infrastructure in place and now we have a big opportunity. We will build more”. Crompton sees housing as the key to a thriving community and is determined to have the RMOW:

  • Accelerate the completion of Phase II of Cheakamus Crossing.
  • Have the WDC start work on the next ‘shovel ready’ site for employee housing.
  • Secure more land for future employee housing projects.
  • Work with business, community, and not-for-profits for housing projects on municipal land.
  • Delivery of infill housing policy to facilitate employee housing in existing neighborhoods.
  • More work with BC and Canada on workforce housing projects in Whistler.

Big Moves on Climate | The hard work of climate action continues even though initiatives haven’t always been popular (letter to Oil & Gas companies or pay parking). During the previous term the Community Energy and Climate Action Plan (CECAP) informed the development of the 6 Big Moves Strategy. There has been an unprecedented amount of community engagement informing this work. The Big Moves Strategy will continue to direct actions on everything from transit, to charging infrastructure to green building. “There is lots of work to do. Whistler is well placed to do it”, said Crompton.

Visitation Management | For Crompton, thoughtful and well researched tourism management is critical to protecting visitor and resident experience. He said, “It’s time to grow our focus on managing day visitation to Whistler, especially in the summer. The metrics we collected through the Balance Model are already serving us well and offer tremendous promise moving forward.” Crompton is also committed to ensuring the tourism industry that feeds Whistler families is true to its roots. Jack said, “Whistler enjoys hosting mountain lovers. I am convinced we are a better tourism community when we are full of skiers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Achieving that kind of authentic tourism requires thoughtful planning and continuing focus.”

Jack is enthusiastic and hopeful about the next four years. He said, “There’s no time for cynicism. We need to think big and take bold action.” Crompton expressed gratitude to Councilors who won’t be looking for reelection and enthusiasm about working with the people running for election in October. “It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve alongside this Council. We have been well served by them” he said. “I am pleased to see some really great Whistlerites willing to serve this time. I look forward to working with them, for the town we all love so much.”


“The past few years have been extremely challenging for Whistler, but I believe Mayor Jack Crompton’s leadership and community-first approach have helped carry us along the smoothest possible path. Difficult times require experience, leadership, knowhow, and a deep passion for this community. Jack has all of these attributes and I can’t think of anyone better to lead us into the future.” Mike Douglas (Professional skier, Producer/Director Switchback Entertainment)

“During a global pandemic, Whistler has continued to achieve more permanence for employees, families and businesses with dedicated housing. The RMOW is a very complex machine that requires both vision and a steady hand on the wheel. Jack has forged strong ties with both senior levels of government, essential in the fast changing arena we live in. Jack has my support and vote to assure we have someone with the experience and leadership in a very complex role, in a fast changing complex World!” Roger McCarthy (Retired Ski Industry Chief Executive and former Whistler Councilor)

“Jack loves Whistler. I trust him. He puts everything he has into making our community thrive.”  Julie Smith (Post-partum Doula)

“This is a special community we have in Whistler. Jack has always been so great at giving opportunities to listen to all community members, I value that.” Mercedes Nicoll (Whistler Olympian)

“Whistler needs to stay focused on resident housing. Jack will take our housing challenges seriously and continue to get shovels in the ground. Jack’s connection to Whistler’s past and his focus on our community going forward is why I think you should vote Jack for Mayor.” Garry Watson (Lawyer, former Whistler Councilor, and Freeperson of the RMOW)

“Being a politician is not an easy job.  Being a politician in a town like Whistler is even more challenging. In my opinion Mayor Jack has done an admirable job and Whistler is better because of his dedication and leadership. I have no hesitation in saying that I support Jack’s candidacy for Mayor wholeheartedly!” Jim Moodie (Landscape Architect, Freeperson of the RMOW)

“Jack Crompton has been through the last 3 yrs of tumult and he still wants the job! I can’t think of a better candidate for Mayor.” Drew Meredith (Former Mayor, Freeperson of the RMOW)

“I am pleased to hear from Jack, that the good work on strategic planning and data collection around important issues facing Whistler’s future is now available and his intention is to lead the new council in making informed decisions in particular areas such as housing and a balanced tourism sector. I applaud this good work at the RMOW and support Jack in leading the resort community forward.” Sue Adams (Whistler business leader and Free Person of the RMOW)

Stay tuned to @jacksoncrompton on Twitter, jackcrompton.ca and facebook.com/crompton for future updates. Jack would love to talk to you on any of those social channels or by text/talk on 16043889588.

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