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With plans to commit to role as mayor full-time, Jack’s campaign prioritizes community, housing, culture, and environment

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Entrepreneur and Councillor Jack Crompton to run for Mayor of Whistler



With plans to commit to role as mayor full-time, Jack’s campaign prioritizes community, housing, culture, and environment

WHISTLER, BC June 26, 2018 – It may have been one of Whistler’s worst kept secrets, but today Jack Crompton officially announced his intention to run for the mayoral seat in the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s upcoming election this October. Jack possesses a deep understanding of Whistler’s local and regional government after two full terms (2011-2014 and 2014-2018) as Councillor for the Resort Municipality of Whistler, and as Chair/Director of the Squamish Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) for one full term (2014-2018). With “Community Now!” as the focus of his campaign platform Jack is positioned to address the challenges Whistler faces while elevating everything that makes this place awesome.

Jack has deep roots in Whistler, and he is passionate about the future of his community. His grandparents were original shareholders of the Garibaldi Lift Company, and they built the Clock Tower Hotel. With his deep community history comes Jack’s clear focus for the future; he and his wife Carolyn are raising four children here. Ensuring the Whistler people know, love, and have made so many sacrifices for, continues to exist and flourish is a driving force in his race for the mayoral seat.

“What drives me is I see people who feel threatened and unsure about whether they can stay in Whistler and this is not a healthy state for a community. I want Whistlerites to have every reason to be hopeful for their future as a resident, whether it is for a season or two, or for a lifetime,” says Jack. “With community as the framework of my platform, I plan to relentlessly pursue goals supporting housing, culture, and environment.”

Regarding housing, Jack plans to deliver a 30-year plan that will commit the community to stay engaged in the development of housing for residents. In the short range, building the “next Cheakamus Crossing,” private rental buildings and promoting village-based dormitory housing for resort employees will be top of mind.

Whistler’s livelihood largely depends on a pristine natural environment, and Jack is committed to protecting it. Strategies including reducing single-use consumption by future-focused policy development and cooperation with local business, working with corridor partners and the province to deliver regional transit, a commitment to increased and improved local transit and managing backcountry capacity with the SLRD, Pemberton, and Squamish. Jack will also work for thorough implementation of the Community Energy and Climate Action Plan (CECAP), so Whistler can meet the challenges of a changing climate, reduce community dependence on fossil fuels, and decrease collective energy-related expenditures.

“It’s good for the environment and its good for our bottom line,” says Crompton.

While the spirit of Whistler can be hard to define and even more elusive to capture, Jack knows embracing and nurturing culture is integral to the health of the community. Jack wants to preserve Whistler as “a mountain town for mountain people.” He sees organizations like WORCA, Arts Whistler,  SLCC, Whistler Museum and the Point as keys to the preservation and promotion of our mountain culture. Jack intends to invest time and resources in those kinds of organizations.

“I am a team player. If I have learned anything about Whistler it’s that our community groups are vital to our success,” says Jack. “They understand where we need to go and I look forward to working closely with them.”

Whistler is located in the unceded traditional territory of the Squamish Nation and the Lil’wat Nation.  As SLRD chair, Jack has spent the last four years working to build relationships and partnerships with these communities.

Jack is focused on investing in Whistler’s resident population.  Infrastructure investment to support Whistler’s tourism economy is critical, but Jack sees a pivot to more investments that directly benefit Whistler residents. Finding a worthy and permanent home for the museum, creating more daycare spots, delivering a DES solution, and aggressive advocacy to the province for Highway 99 upgrades are some of the immediate tactical actions he will take as mayor.

“My experience as Chair of the Squamish Lillooet Regional District and the strong relationships I’ve built with our regional governments, First Nations, and the province are critical. I understand the issues that face our region, and I am prepared to step into the role of mayor and build value for Whistler on day one,” says Jack.

Jack is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive resume that speaks to both his business acumen and his ability to identify and capitalize on the right opportunities. He is currently president and CEO of Ridebooker, a software company building tools for the transportation industry. His company also operates an online marketplace for ground transportation (taxi, bus, and limousine) across Canada and the United States. He founded Whistler Resort Cabs in 2003 and operated the company until its sale in 2008. When Jack is elected mayor, he will take a board seat for all of his businesses, so that he can devote all working hours to the demanding, and deserving, role of Whistler Mayor.



Garry Watson – Lawyer and former Whistler Councilor, Freeperson of the RMOW  “Whistler needs to stay focused on resident housing. Jack will take our housing challenges seriously and get shovels in the ground. Jack’s connection to Whistler’s past and his focus on our community going forward is why I think you should vote Jack for Mayor.”

Drew Meredith – Former Mayor, Freeperson of the RMOW  “I can not think of a better candidate for Mayor than Jack Crompton. He has the experience on Council, is young and energetic, has a business in Whistler, and most importantly, he is a great person.”

Angie Nolan – Whistler Maven of the Arts  “I am voting for Jack because I feel he’s a committed community leader who, as a council member, has really listened to the concerns of Whistlerites and the importance of preserving our vibrant mountain culture.”

Julie Smith – Post-partum Doula  “Jack loves Whistler. I trust him. He will put everything he has into making our community thrive.”

Mike Douglas –  Professional skier, Producer/Director Switchback Entertainment, Godfather  I don’t usually endorse political candidates publicly, but Jack Crompton is exactly the kind of person we need leading our community into the future. Jack knows there isn’t a silver bullet to fix the challenges Whistler faces. It’s going to take hard work, experience, collaboration, and some progressive thinking to get the job done – and he’s just the guy to do it. Jack has the experience, passion, and work ethic to lead our community into the future and I think he has the deepest understanding of the needs of our community than anyone I’ve met.”

Dave Clark – Whistler Half Marathon Race Director  “I’m voting for Jack because we need a leader that will guide us into the future of the resort. Jack has the right balance of focus on the community and our economy that will not only support our residents in issues like housing but also challenge us to be the best we can be for the betterment of the resort as we continue to evolve.”

JF Pelchat – NOW Bindings Founder, Professional Snowboarder   “Un vote our Jack Crompton est un vote pur la communaute et ses habitants; il est le cadidat le mieux qualifie pour nous offrir les changements necessaire et attenduent et qui sont primordial pour le bien de notre ville. Jack est ami, un pere de famillie, un proprietaire d’entreprise, en member actif de la communaute et il a plus de 8 ans d’experience au sein du consielle municipal. It’s a no-brainer, vote for Jack.”

A vote for Jack is a vote for the community and its people; he is the best candidate to offer us the necessary and expected changes that are paramount for the good of our town. Jack is a friend, a family man, a business owner, an active member of the community and has over 8 years experience in the municipal council. It’s a no-brainer, vote for Jack.”

Doug Forseth – Former Senior Executive at Whistler Blackcomb  “I think Jack is the right person to lead our community for the next four years.  He is a balanced, well thought-out and caring leader with seven years of municipal government & Regional District experience who will work tirelessly to make Whistler better.”

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