Community Now!

The last 7 years serving our town on council has been the single greatest privilege of my life. I want to be Mayor because I believe in Whistler. I love Whistler.

Whistler is at an inflexion point. It is time to refocus on supporting our resident community. Whistler continues to make important financial investments in the ResortMOW. I think it is time for us to shift that balance a little toward the RMunicipalityOW. We have always done and will always do both… but the focus for me (and many of the people I talk to) is on Community Now! Its time to focus on affordability, housing, daycare, parks and trails. It is time to invest in making sure this remains the best place in the world for Whistlerites to live. Without Whistlerites this is a beautiful place but it isn’t Whistler.

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