Environment: Protect It.

I’ve spent most of this summer speaking to Whistlerites about what they care about. It is not a surprise to me that they care about Whistler… the place. We care about the mountains, lakes, forests and rivers. We moved here to be in the mountains and without them we would be somewhere else.

This term our municipal environmental indicators have started to go in the wrong direction. One of the difficult truths is that the low hanging fruit for improving our environmental performance have been actioned. Moving forward we are going to have to be innovative and progressive. Whistler has a legacy of taking environmental action… let’s do it.

  • Deliver climate action now by implementing CECAP – Community Energy and Climate Action Plan.
  • Work with corridor partners and the province to deliver regional transit.
  • Lobby provincial government to invest more in wildfire mitigation and the investigation of a “super fire smart” program.
  • Reduce single-use consumption with solid policy and future-focused initiatives.
  • Support transition to the electrification of transportation system through more municipal charging infrastructure and building regulation.
  • Infrastructure building program that supports preferred modes of transportation: bike, walk, transit. 


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