Mountain Culture: Nurture It.

Mountain Culture is filled with various meanings depending on who you are. For me Mountain Culture is the way our community gathers around the mountains. It is the way we recreate, do art, exercise, work and live. Whistler has shaped us. I am committed to ensuring that continues. I am committed to preserving what makes this place so special. Mountain Culture is this place and these people.

  • Nourish and grow our relationships with the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations. Our relationship with these Nations is going to shape us going forward. I’m committed to moving forward together.
  • Put our artists on our stage. When we have crowds to see plaza free shows… I want to see locals on that stage.
  • Support local business through village zoning. Small commercial foot prints means local business.
  • Shift Festivals Events & Animation budget toward events that look like Whistler. When we host events we participate in ourselves… the experience for our town and visitors is much richer.
  • Get locals back into the Village. The Village is one of our greatest assets and it was built for tourists and locals. I am excited about programming that draws us in. Ask me about La Passegiata!
  • Challenge Vail to keep Whistler unique, Canadian and accessible to our region.

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