Our Town: Invest In It.

We all get asked on the chair… “do people actually live here?” Yup. Families, friends, arts, clubs… just like other towns. It’s not news to anyone reading this but, obviously… Whistler is a place with families and residents who’s whole life is here.

We are a unique town investing so heavily in tourism assets but Whistler (like any town) needs to continue to invest in community infrastructure. I am committed to investing in those things that make “real life” in our town livable. I am committed to working to see our world-class tourism industry better resource our permanent community.

  • Reinvest in our ageing trail network. We have some of the very best trail builders in the world. The truth is the trails that were built for our community have transitioned to being tourism assets. They need to be improved. I will be looking to groups like WORCA and the Alpine Club of Canada on how we can be collaborative moving forward. I like the WORCA Trails Masterplan.
  • Continue to find ways to resource and support Whistler non-profits. As a municipal politician, you sit on LOTS of boards. I can’t begin to express how amazed I am at the work of groups like WCSS, AWARE, Zero Ceiling (apologies to the many of you I didn’t mention). Groups that care for our town will get resourced and supported if I have anything to say about it.
  • Finish the valley trail. This is an aspiration I have had for a while. It won’t happen tomorrow but I will be pushing hard.
  • Find more daycare spots. “Daycare is not a municipal responsibility”. Although that is a technically true statement (provincial responsibility), we have lots of work to do helping the province to spend money here. It takes lobbying. It takes preparing shovel-ready projects for them to invest in. It takes working with local experts.
  • Build transit queue jumper lanes on Hwy 99. Again…. provincial responsibility with lots of work for the RMOW to do. The Transportation Advisory Group (TAG) has provided good direction and research on Highway 99. It’s time to take that planning work to Victoria and get them to turn it into action.
  • Find a home for the museum. This is not easy but its important. We can not afford to lose the stories that make us what we are. The board at the museum is committed to raising the money required but land is the key.
  • Improve “community” parks. We have wonderful parks close to the village that serve both tourists and residents. The RMOW has invested in those parks. It is time to clean up and service some the parks that see primarily resident visitation.
  • Stay invested in recreation assets. I often hear that we don’t need to invest in recreation because we have such high community satisfaction in our recreation opportunities and access. I believe we have high satisfaction because we know who we are and we have continued to invest in recreation over the years. I say “stay the course”.

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