Community Thrives

The ability of Whistlerites to thrive here is challenged by limited and expensive housing, a changing climate and increasing visitation (among other things). As long Whistlerites have lived here we have taken on big challenges. I am convinced we have been successful because we take on big things with optimism and enthusiasm. The pandemic has weakened our optimism. There is a troubling willingness to give up, complain and point fingers… the pandemic was hard and I don’t think there are many of us who aren’t tempted to respond that way. Its time to put away that cynicism. Its time to think big and work for big things, again. Whistler has done it before, we will do it again!

  • Build out the next phase of Cheakamus Crossing.
  • Have the WDC start work on the next site for the delivery of more housing.
  • Work with other orders of government and local doctors to address shortage of primary care doctors.
  • Finish the work, and deliver a site for the Whistler Museum.
  • Find more daycare. Although it is technically true that “daycare is not a municipal responsibility”, we have lots of ability to help the province to spend money here. It takes lobbying. It takes working with local experts. There are big opportunities but there is lots of work to do.

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